McHenry Riverwalk Phase 3A Under Construction

McHenry Riverwalk Phase 3A construction from Pearl Street Bridge to Weber Park is slated to be completed by mid-August 2022.

McHenry Riverwalk Phase 3A – Pearl Street Bridge to Weber Park

Tuesday, July 12, 2022. 

You may have been wondering what’s going on north of Pearl Street Bridge… McHenry Riverwalk Phase 3A is now under construction!  This section of the riverwalk will connect Weber Park to the Pearl Street bridge. The walkway itself should be complete by mid-to-late July. Supply chain issues may hold up the lighting and railings but we hope to have this section open to the public by mid-August.

Phase 3B (Pearl Street to Route 120) is scheduled for construction within the next two years. Stay tuned…

McHenry Riverwalk Phase 3a