Ready to Make a Difference in Our Community?

You’ve heard our story….you know where we’re headed. This massive community-led project is nearing completion and you’re invited to join us at the finish line!

Ways You Can Make a Difference

McHenry Riverwalk Foundation is working to deliver future Riverwalk projects at the same level of design standard as our past phases. Quality has gotten us this far and needs to be maintained in future building phases. Our current funding built the basics for Phase 3, but additional funding is needed to add the amenities. To cut corners and offer only the basics is to sell this project and our community short. It’s the details and the amenities that take a project from “good to great” or from “Meh” to “Wow”. 

Ways you can join us in making the Mchenry Riverwalk a truly amazing community experience:


Corporate Sponsorships

At and above the Legacy Partner* level is the opportunity to identify your business as a critical member of the McHenry Riverwalk team. The Foundation will work with you to determine where and how you can be recognized as a vital contributor to the McHenry Riverwalk. Projected areas of the new build will provide naming opportunities for various sites, elements, and structures that will serve as an ongoing symbol of your generous contribution. Your sponsorship of the McHenry Riverwalk acknowledges permanently and publicly, your commitment to the community.

Our dream can be your dream…. our legacy can be your legacy…