With Community Support, We Have Done Wonders So Far

Since 2006, more than $3,130,000 of donated local community dollars have been invested into the development of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the McHenry Riverwalk.


Local businesses can be accessed by the McHenry Riverwalk.


Phase 3 Development Starts Spring 2019!

The McHenry Riverwalk Foundation has approved the budget of $454,534 to move forward with Phase 3 of the riverwalk extension. Huntley-based Landmark Contractors Inc. has won the bid and promises to have Phase 3 completed by the July 4, 2019 holiday.

What Does Phase 3 Include?

Where the Fox River meets Boone Creek is the site of the next McHenry Riverwalk construction phase, beginning with replacement of the existing pathway currently linking the Pedestrian bridge with the Riverwalk Phase two walkway going north along the Fox.

This sidewalk will be rebuilt to reflect the design standards of Riverwalk pathways previously built from Green Street along Boone creek to the Pedestrian Bridge. The improved walkway will lead to a new bluestone patio and a covered bandshell to create a public gathering space that will face the waterfront, allowing for a variety of functions and events.  The decision to create this space reflects our commitment to increasing both access to and enjoyment of McHenry’s prime downtown waterfront.

So Many Possibilities

Projected possibilities for this exciting new space include various amenities to add to both its form and its function.

 These include:

  • technological elements such as a sound system, carillon tower, and enhanced lighting
  • landscape design to include shrubs, green space, trees, seasonal plantings
  • design elements, seating and  decorative art/sculpture.

These amenities are crucial to building a finished product that reflects our brand – that of creating a welcoming and appealing space that will draw people to downtown McHenry.

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Be a Part of the Build

Seeing the vision? Like what we’re doing? Partner with us. See how you can help complete this mission that links a proud past to its promising future.






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