With Community Support, We Have Done Wonders So Far

Since 2006, more than $3,740,000 of donated local community dollars have been invested into the development of Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the McHenry Riverwalk.


Local businesses can be accessed by the McHenry Riverwalk.


Envisioning a Future Phase Four

The possibilities are endless as the focus of McHenry Riverwalk Foundation shifts into its Fourth Phase. Design plans for McHenry Riverwalk offer two possible locations for Phase Four; one running west from Green Street along Boone Creek to Route 120, the other going north on the Fox River from Route 120 to Pearl Street. A significant factor in determining which of these locations becomes the next focus will be the amount of available funding for this phase of the project.

McHenry Riverwalk Foundation will partner with the city to interest the community, private investors, and governmental agencies to secure funds that will enable us to continue the promise of McHenry Riverwalk. Substantial funds are needed to initiate a Phase Four construction Plan that builds on the current momentum of McHenry’s downtown redevelopment, and maintains the level of quality associated with McHenry Riverwalk.

Continuing Our Mission with Community Support

As McHenry Riverwalk Foundation enters this exciting and challenging new territory, we will continue to work to make our existing Riverwalk a vibrant and vital part of downtown, welcoming visitors with events and water-related activities. We will continue to work toward expanding our support base to allow us to continue to upgrade our existing spaces and create new and exciting additions to McHenry Riverwalk.

Watch for updates through this site, our newsletter, Facebook and Instagram with plans and new developments as they occur. Stay connected as we continue our mission to Revitalize Downtown McHenry

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